by Tim Fitz

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These songs are the remnants of experiences that were had on the east coast of Australia, central Papua New Guinea, and some other places that aren't important. Old organs were sampled, ribbon microphones were bought on a whim for good effect. Ontological questions were raised, words were treated like objects. Themes of love and innate goodness were discussed with flippant disregard for conclusion or moral. Morale however, was considered. There were rainy depressing nights in Byron Bay and perfect rainy days recording group vocals. There was octave fuzz, there was sampling the voice of a new friend from far away. There were late nights mixing and remixing and re-remixing, and then after that there were internet video tutorials on 'How to Fix Your Mix'. There was, in the end, a period of nothing for 6 months before finally deciding to just put the thing out because some songs, like some people, just need to be released.


released October 14, 2014

Album art by Louis Leimbach

All songs and music written by Tim Fitz, EXCEPT:

'Gimme Some Love' - song by Tim Fitz and James Blackwood and Husain

All instruments played/sounds created by Tim Fitz, EXCEPT:

Vocal features from Hannah Joy on 'Sour', 'Goodhearts', 'No Rooms Tonight'.

Vocal feature from Nishan 'Nish'n'Chips' David Varatharajan on 'Sour'.

Trombone from Brendan Champion on 'Goodhearts'.

All sounds recorded, mixed and produced by Tim Fitz at the illustrious Ladygame Studios.


tags: loop. Sydney


all rights reserved


Tim Fitz Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Sour
Everyone is getting a new job and falling in love
Everybody I know is outwardly fine and inwardly messed up
I'm sitting here with all my beautiful friends we have been
laughing like crazy at the trouble we're in but now
I guess I'm alone again like I should be.

Every time we go out it leaves a sour taste, man.
It's all you get when Sydney town is a booze-filled wasteland.

Night-time creatures sleep walking through the whole day;
all the Darlinghurst darlings dreaming their weeks away,
they have been reading so much but making little to no sense
dressing to kill and poking holes in your arguments
what's not to love about this city?
Track Name: Gimme Some Love (feat. James Blackwood and Husain)
Early in the morning
I've been leaving all my shelter
I've been praying for something new
Father give me something
Something that I can use
Something that feels like,
a little like you.

Gimme some love etc.
Track Name: Goodhearts
she said 'my head's an empty vessel fill it up with entertainment, and the price of stimulation I've got no intent to pay it. I'm disconnecting cables, stealing your songs and burning up all your labels, but I still believe I got a good heart even though it might stray. And if only you could see my good heart, you would understand.'

and she wears black boots and big green jackets and she smiles widely at strangers in traffic and she forgives quickly and laughs even when everything's falling to pieces and I still believe she's got a good heart, even though it might stray, and if only you could see her good heart you would understand.

she bought some sepia tinted glasses to make everything look like it's from the past, when everyone wasn't such a bastard, make blemishes disappear fast. I WANT SOME sepia tinted glasses to make everything look like it's from the past, when everyone wasn't such a bastard, make blemishes disappear fast.
Track Name: No Rooms Tonight (feat. Hannah Joy)
No rooms tonight at the Bay Royale
no vacancy has ever looked this full
this man is talking to me at top speed,
it's all he wanted but nothing that he needs.
No sleep tonight for the goon-bag girls
they all went home with the men they chose
and I lay sleeping in my sleeping bag
I was just sitting in a dream I had.

Goliath joined me on a bench by the beach,
he had been running since his great defeat
and he was drinking from a flask of Jonnie
and he thought everything I said was funny.
It wasn't hard to pierce his armour now,
he runs it over and over in his head-
He used to kill it now he's all washed up
He used to drink from a silver cup.

And Judas met me on my walk back home,
he had been hitch-hiking the coast alone.
He was seeking out a friend for the day,
(he had lost so many on the way).
Track Name: Just Pleased to be There
just pleased to be there and swapping stories like Christmas gifts.
You sit made of stillness and sharp honesty and my thoughts slip.
Standing up, looking forward, moving on your feet again
towards a place no one has ever been before you that you know.
Is this thing on? Is it kinetic? Is it a game-changer?
Are you ok? Are you close to talking? Are you a page turner?

Oh, say you're gonna be ok.
Oh, you rested now it's time to get

up and say the thing that has been building up in your heart.